Artist’s Statement

October 13th, 2013

"Charlie's Sweatshop" Acrylic on Arches Aquarelle paper with rice paper Chine-colle

After attending the Dodge Poetry workshop yesterday, I looked back on an artist’s statement for “Charlies’s Sweatshop”. I have ambivalent feelings about these statements as I  feel that the viewer needs to be engaged in the process. Today I am feeling inclined to share these thoughts, so here they are:

The inspiration for “Charlie’s Sweatshop” developed from conversations with my aunts, born of Italian parents and who worked to support the family while the men were serving in World War II.  It references a Brooklyn sweatshop owned by a man known locally only as Charlie.  Like many women who sacrificed at home for the war effort, they labored under outrageous conditions for six years surrounded by filth, thread and dust.  The formation of the collage relates to the pattern pieces cut by a seamstress that become a finished piece of clothing, each part becoming a small component of the whole.

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